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As we move to a new normal, I am delighted to say we have weathered the Covid storm and have started to work again:

  • We have the most modern fleet of Tesla S chauffeur cars in Scotland available for you right now. We also have a 1-year old top of the range Mercedes V Class with full leather interior and Electric doors to avoid touching contamination

  • As well as being one of safest cars on the road, The Tesla S benefits from a hospital-grade air quality system delivered through a HEPA filtration system to prevent viruses and bacteria from entering the cabin

  • To protect you our drivers will always wear facemasks


  • ·We have facemasks for each client if required⠀

  • Before each ride, chauffeurs thoroughly clean the vehicle with medical-grade sanitizer

  • Drivers greet you with a smile, but won't offer a handshake. They will offer to assist with luggage if you wish and sanitize luggage handles after handling⠀

  • We provide free Hand Sanitizer

  • For a safer, more comfortable experience, vehicle capacities have been reduced by one, and guests are seated only in the back seats


All of the above is to protect our drivers and provide you and your clients with a safe environment.

In this ever-changing world, we genuinely offer something different in emission free motoring at an affordable cost.

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