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Peter and Frank, friends and colleagues for over 30 years, launched Ecolux Cars together in 2019, with the aim of providing a unique car service focused on sustainability.  


Having worked together in time-critical logistics for most of their working relationship, they decided to redirect their expertise and passion for cars to create this top class chauffeur service. 


Reliability, luxury and sustainability are at the core of Ecolux Car's offering, and Peter and Frank encourage you to get in touch with any query you might have about their cars.

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Guilt-free luxury that won’t cost the earth.

It is our aim to help organisations reduce their carbon footprint whilst providing the luxury expected of a professional chauffeur service.

Once we set upon this path the logical choice was the Tesla S electric supercar. Ours is the most modern fleet in Scotland and can carry up to 3 passengers in whisper-quiet luxury and each car has a panoramic glass roof.

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